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At CH Roofing, our experienced installers are fully qualified in advising the best roof tiles to suit you and your property’s needs.

Tile Roofing

If you have or are wanting a pitched roof, it is more than likely you will be opting for roof tiles. As with all types of roofing, there are many options of materials and techniques to choose from.

Clay Roof Tiles

Clay Roof Tiles are one of the more aesthetically pleasing styles of roof tile on the market. The classic look is favourable among property owners and those looking to buy. They are relatively costly. However, their natural clay materials and baked production make them incredibly solid and long-lasting. However, clay tiles are costly and are around 30% more expensive than their concrete counterparts. In extremely cold temperatures, clay tiles can shatter and crack due to freezing and expanding. Extreme temperatures aside, baked clay tiles have an extremely long life compared to concrete tiles, with clay tile life expectancy of approximately 100 years with maintenance.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are made from a mixture of sand, cement and water which is heated in pressurised conditions. The great thing about concrete tiles is that they can be made to replicate the look of clay tiles, without the added expense. Concrete tiles can also be moulded to certain shapes to suit the angle of the roof pitch. Concrete tiles are also very resistant to adverse weather conditions such as rain, hail and wind. However, concrete tiles have higher water retention than other materials and can lead to problems with mould and mildew. The weight of concrete tiles can also be a factor when considering roof tiles, as they are considerably heavier than clay.

Interlocking Tiles

Interlocking tiles were a revolution in roof tile technology. They combine the designs of traditional roof tiles and the advantage of modern techniques. A great advantage to interlocking tiles is that can be quickly and easily installed. Interlocking tiles are also a more cost-effective roofing solution from production to result. Interlocking tiles can also be manufactured to replicate the look of clay, concrete and even slate tiles. 

Within these categories of roof tile, you will find plenty of styles, materials and shapes to choose from, all with their distinct look. At CH Roofing, we have the expert knowledge to help you decide on the most suitable roof tile for you and your property. We are the number one roofing specialists across Salisbury, Norton Bavant, Upton Lovell, Codford, Steeple Langford, South Newton and the South West. Call today to talk to one of our friendly and professional team on 01225 663073. You can also contact us by filling in our online form.

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