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Our Testimonials

When you’re in the roofing business like us you have to do a good job, because any slacking or slovenly workmanship will soon become apparent, probably in the form of a leak! As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Fortunately we only have good results, and leave our clients more than satisfied no matter what the job is we are asked to do.

Looking back through our portfolio of work over the years across Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset, Hampshire and even further afield it’s truly amazing to see just how many different types of roofing we’ve done, some of the work extremely challenging.

There was the time, for instance, when we had to design and install timber roof tiles on a rather awkwardly shaped glamping pod – that was a bit like trying to tile a three-roomed dome tent. It all worked out splendidly in the end though, and the clients were delighted.

A great deal of our work involves roof refurbishments – chiefly removing old tiles and replacing them with new ones. Often this involves having to remove only sections or single tiles, and finding as close a match as possible to replace them with. It’s really satisfying to see what a difference it makes to the look of a building when old, broken, chipped, discoloured and mossy tiles give way to sleek new ones, like the large slate roof in Warminster, featured on our Facebook Page, which we stripped and renewed.

We do large industrial projects, too – like when we used cherry pickers and scissor lifts to fit an insulated roof on the Spectra Engineering building in Westbury using a mix of steel sheets and clear panels.

The best thing about completing a job as we usually do, on time and on budget, is the appreciation we get from our clients. We don’t shout about five star reviews, but we receive many – and plenty of handshakes and smiles when we leave a site.

Some comments that have been left on our Facebook page include things like “Great team – quality where it matters”, and “Highly recommended – great guys, super reliable and efficient.”

We believe that a picture speaks a thousand words, so we make sure we show potential customers visually what we can achieve with our roofing work, from flat roofing to cedar shingles and leadwork. Feel free to visit our Facebook page which chronicles some of our more challenging projects, and leave your comments.

You can also see some images of our latest projects in and around Bath right here on the website. Don’t forget we also expertly install Velux windows and skylights.

We’d like to see some more reviews on our Google Business page too, and invite you to participate. Feedback is always welcome and valuable to us as we drive our business upwards and onwards.

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